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ARCHway_Hope-Fund-LogoThe HOPE Fund sponsors, below, have been established in honor of a loved one or by organizations. Monies raised help individuals who want to get into a recovery program but currently do not have the financial means to get into a program.

The purpose of this fund is to create a way to help people for many years to come. Each year the interest from this fund will be used to help individuals across the country.

Sponsor Levels – Donation commitments can be made over a multi-year period

  • Gold ($25,000 and over)
  • Silver ($10,000)
  • Bronze ($5,000)

You may donate to a fund, or make a general donation, through our online donation form.

If you wish to become a sponsor of the HOPE Fund, please contact Jan Stuckey at or call 314-452-4982.

Gold Sponsors

Click on a Sponsor below to learn more and contribute.

Crickette Brown, ARCHway Institute Hope Fund Sponsor
Supporting families caring for a loved one with an addiction disease ...
Matthew Willey, ARCHway Institute Hope Fund Sponsor
Honoring the memory of Matt Willey by raising awareness ...
The Stuckey Family, ARCHway Institute Hope Fund Sponsor
Celebrating John's Recovery and Helping Others in their Journey ...
Ben Lucas Foundation, ARCHway Institute Hope Fund Sponsor
Honoring Ben Lucas by working to remove the stigma of addiction ...
Laborers L i U N A Local 110, ARCHway Institute Hope Fund Sponsor
Helping ARCHway provide treatment assistance and Helping People Live Better ...

Click on the pictures to read our sponsors’ stories & see family pictures.

Silver Sponsors

Supporting recovery from the disease of addiction.
Providing Help & Hope for those struggling with with an addiction disease.
Montrose, Colorado, ARCHway Institute Hope Fund Sponsor logo
We believe in Recovery from the Disease of Addiction.
LiUNA National, ARCHway Institute Hope Fund Sponsor
Supporting the ARCHway Vision and Mission.
ARCHway Hope Sponsorship by Anonymous Donors
Helping fund MAT Services and structured aftercare living facilities.
Charlotte County and Punta Gorda, Florida, ARCHway Institute Hope Fund Sponsor
Providing a community of caring and support to ensure recovery from addiction.
Glenbeigh ACMC Healthcare, ARCHway Institute Hope Fund Sponsor
Promoting awareness and education while helping fund recovery programs.
Horses Healing Hearts HOPE Fund
Providing hope and offering help for families & young adults fighting addiction.

Bronze Sponsors

In Memory of Zach Smalley - HOPE Fund Sponsorship
In Memory of Zack Smalley - HOPE Fund Sponsorship
Johnny Andrew Barton, ARCHway Hope Fund Sponsorship Fund
Addiction is a disease no parent should see their child suffer!
The ARCHway Alumni Sponsorship
Continuing to support the ARCHway Institute's Mission.
ARCHway Hope Fund Sponsor | Parkhurst Financial Services
Helping individuals and families realize their dreams by supporting the ARCHway vision
ARCA Midwest, ARCHway HOPE Sponsor
Setting a New Benchmark for Treating Addictions
Maurice Clarett, ARCHway Hope Fund sponsor
Maurice Clarett believes in recovery from the disease of addiction.
Anonymous Deeds, Hope Fund Sponsor
The light of hope can come from anonymous good deeds.
Cape Coral Police Department Logo, Bronze Sponsor of the ARCHway Institute
Affecting lives through education, intervention & HOPE.
Justin M. Greenberg, ARCHway Institute Bronze Sponsor
I want as many parents as possible to hear our story so they will never say “Not My Child.”
Dr. Fred Rottnek
Dedicated to Supporting Recovery, Education & Awareness.
ARCHway Instute, Dr. Lisa Callahan, Hope Fund Sponsor
Changing lives through education, support & HOPE.
ARCHway Instute Matrix Concepts, Hope Fund Bronze Sponsor
Creating a better future through awareness & prevention.
Devine Family Sponsorship
Thankfully providing recovery support for others.
Logo for Chapel Hill Carrboro Sunrise Rotary Club, North Carolina with the words "Rotary: Making a Difference"
Teaming up to help fight the disease of addiction locally & nationally.
Marci Smith ARCHway Hope Fund
Her story is a true display of strength, courage, and the resources it takes to fight the disease of addiction.
Jordan Hampton
Jordan Hampton is proof that recovery from the disease of addiction can and does happen.
Colton Baker, Hope Fund Sponsor
Assisting recovery from the disease of addiction.
ARCHway Hope Sponsor: Eric Gentry's Story of Hope
Eric's story of despair, recovery and passion.
CeJay Associates, LLC Hope Fund Sponsor Web Design, Business Graphics, Internet Marketing
Supporting the growth of recovery from addiction & mental health diseases.
Jan & Brett Sisler Hope Fund Sponsors
Supporting an Institute that is close to our heart.
ARCHway Hope Sponsor: Ohio State University – “The Herd”
Girlfriends Supporting Girlfriends for Life
Ed & Kate Curley, ARCHway Institute Hope Fund Sponsor
Supporting prevention and treatment with The ARCHway Institute.
Addiction is Real, ARCHway Institute Hope Fund Sponsor
Using education & exhibits to help parents recognize signs of substance abuse.
Anonymous-Family-Sponsorship-Fund, ARCHway Institute Hope Fund
Hope for those that suffer in silence.
Blake Tivoli
Honoring Blake Tivoli by supporting The ARCHway Mission.
Westshore Study Club, ARCHway Institute Hope Fund Sponsor
Preventing addiction by promoting awareness among professionals.
Brian Sieve, ARCHway Institute Hope Fund Sponsor
We DO recover from addiction. But we cannot do it alone.
Judy and Percy Menzies, ARCHway Institute Hope Fund Sponsor
Providing addiction education through speaking and fundraising.
Martin Family, ARCHway Institute Hope Fund Sponsor
Supporting ARCHway's cause of providing education and awareness.
Joey Jones, ARCHway Institute Hope Fund Sponsor
Honoring Joe Jones by continuing to help the addicted.
Katies Pizza & Pasta Osteria, ARCHway Institute Hope Fund Sponsor
Proud to help those suffering with the disease of addiction.

From All of Us at ARCHway Institute, THANK YOU for your support!

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