Jordan Hampton

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ARCHway believes in recovery from the disease of addiction.

Jordan Hampton is a Story of Hope

Jordan Hampton, ARCHway AdvocateJordan Hampton is in long term recovery and is further proof that recovery from the disease of addiction can and does happen. Not only does it happen, it can lead to a purpose driven life.

Jordan has chosen to take his story and the obstacles he overcame, share them honestly with others, and be a champion for those fighting this disease.

Jordan grew up in a small town, was a football star, and seemed perfect to any passerby, but his struggles ran deep and would lead to his addiction. Jordan’s will for a better life, his positive support system, and his access to resources like medically assisted treatment and transitional living would lead him to the life he lives today. He models recovery through his work with ARCHway, NCADA, and Recovery House in a way that people can see hope for their future lives. They no longer have to live controlled by their disease. They no longer have to feel alone.

He is proof that they can live full of energy and enthusiasm for their dreams and for helping others recover as well.

Jordan believes in the work that ARCHway in doing.

He is proud to be a part of such a beneficial organization that works to fill the gaps in care and funding for those working on their recovery. He personally felt the gaps in care as he struggled through his addiction. He knows that sometimes the difference between sobriety and relapse is $250 towards transitional living, transportation to treatment services, or medications.


He is honored to have a hope fund in his name as a symbol of eternal giving, something that can continue year after year to provide for and give hope to others much like himself. 

Read more about Jordan’s story of recovery here

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