Application for Financial Assistance

Application for Financial Assistance

Requirements for Financial Assistance:

At this time, it is anticipated that ARCHway Institute will provide financial assistance to those applicants that can successfully prove:

  1. That such person is impacted by a substance use or co-occurring mental health disorder
  2. That such person requires financial assistance to maintain their recovery from said substance use or co-occurring mental health disorder
  3. That such person has a recovery plan, increasing their chances of maintaining their recovery

General Information about Financial Assistance through ARCHway Institute:

  • A maximum of $500 is provided for individual financial assistance.
  • Financial assistance is always awarded to the organization where the individual is receiving services. Financial assistance is NOT awarded to the individual themselves.
  • Once the individual has completed the application for financial assistance, the organization where the individual is receiving services must complete the following grant application and be approved as a quality treatment/recovery provider.
  • Once the organization has been approved, the individual will be notified of financial assistance.
  • ARCHway releases funds as soon as they become available. If ARCHway is unable to grant your initial request for financial assistance, you may apply again at a later time.
  • ARCHway responds to all requests for financial assistance within 48 hours.

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Do you identify as a person with a disability or are you a person with accessibility needs?
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Current Treatment Facility

City where the treatment is being provided by the organization
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Letters of Recommendation: We ask that you provide ARCHway with 2 letters of recommendations. These letters can be from a family member, counselor, case manager, peer, doctor – individuals who can attest to your current recovery status.

Proof of Financial Need: This can be in the form of a paycheck stub, list of income and expenses, proof of employment or unemployment, etc.

You can upload the forms below, email them to or mail them to
ARCHway Institute
c/o Emily Stuckey
PO Box 473
Wentzville, MO. 63385-9998

Maximum file size: 67.11MB