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We believe in recovery from the disease of addiction.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance to help those with alcohol or drug addiction diseases get into recovery programs.

Finding Treatment

Get help finding an appropriate Medically Assisted Treatment Center for you or a loved one.

Caregiver Support

Connect with other caregivers who have witnessed the journey of recovery. Gain help as well as help others.

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Help organize events in your community to drive education and awareness around issues surrounding addiction diseases.

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Dr. Fred Rottnek joins the ARCHway Board

March 28, 2019:  ARCHway is pleased to announce that Dr. Fred Rottnek, MD MAHCM, has become our newest member of the ARCHway Board of Directors. ARCHway strives to have a very diverse set of skills and experiences on its Board and Staff. Dr. Rottnek is a great...

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An Amazing thing happened at the PGCC BOB

On Feb 13, ARCHway officers Dan & Jan Stuckey were the hosts and speakers at the Punta Gorda Chamber of Commerce Business Over Breakfast (BOB) in Punta Gorda. Dan & Jan spoke about how ARCHway is working in Charlotte County to help families and...

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1 week ago

The ARCHway Institute

During the March Basketball Tournament, ARCHway ran a promotion for our December 7th Annual Helicopter Golf Ball Drop.

What an exciting tournament and we had some interesting results. We had over 50 people participate in this years promotion which is fantastic. We raised over $500 during this promotion which will be used to give out another Grant as a Scholarship to help someone get in to a MAT Treatment Program or to cover the first months rent at a structured Sober Living Facility.

We want to thank all that participated and want everyone to know you can sign up for the Helicopter Golf Ball Drop all the way until December 6th. We have attached this years prize list which is 12 prizes with an estimated total value well over $10,000. To sign up just go to .

Here are the winners from this years College Insanity Promotion.

•Mike Stuckey took 1st Place and now has 175 Golf Balls in his name in the Helicopter Golf Ball Drop. His numbers are 647 through 821.

•Larry Kovacs took 2nd Place and now has 80 Golf Balls in his name. His numbers are 822 through 901.

•There was a tie for 3rd Place between Jeannie Lewis, Kelly Pomerville and Dave Stuckey. Dave won the tie breaker by predicting the closest number for the final score of the teams combined. Dave has 35 Golf Balls put in his name and his numbers are 902 through 936.

We want to thank Brian Stuckey for taking the lead on running this promotion.
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NCADA – St. Louis Area and ARCHway Institute Announcement

NCADA – St. Louis Area and ARCHway Institute are thrilled to announce our new collaboration. ARCHway is a nonprofit with a strong presence in the St. Louis area dedicated to reducing the stigma associated with alcohol and other drug dependence, increasing awareness, and providing resources for individuals, families, and communities, to help people find recovery. NCADA (National Council Alcohol & Drug Abuse) works to reduce or prevent the harms of alcohol and other drug use through education, intervention and advocacy. NCADA-St Louis and ARCHway share similar philosophies of believing in evidence-based treatment, use of medications for substance use disorders when appropriate, the need for aftercare to be part of treatment and support for families as well as the individual client.

The approach ARCHway takes to fighting the disease of addiction closely aligns with NCADA’s community-based prevention education and counseling departments. Two central goals among NCADA’s multi-faceted community-based prevention programs are to raise awareness of the realities of addiction and substance misuse, and in turn reduce the stigma. The interventions provided through the counseling department link community members who need help with the appropriate services for their needs. Correspondingly, ARCHway strives to assist individuals with access to treatment and recovery services, along with providing opportunities to reduce stigma by raising awareness and providing community education.

As NCADA was seeking additional behavioral health professionals to join their team, we gave strong consideration to engaging with peer specialists. An existing relation with ARCHway led to conversations around how the work of both organizations could be strengthened through collaboration. This created a unique opportunity for the two organizations to come together and pool our assets to create sustainable change in our community.

Members of the ARCHway team are working in-house at NCADA to provide adult assessments, referrals, and interim counseling sessions; adolescent assessment, referrals, and Transitional Counseling Program services; and naloxone and community education trainings. ARCHway is helping to bring additional resources and is leveraging their community connections to enhance NCADA’s efforts and better serve its clients.

The synergy that exists in the partnership to date is palpable. The ARCHway team is providing a fresh, unique perspective while NCADA is providing a platform to reach new areas of the community that otherwise might have been inaccessible. Together we are changing lives.

To learn more about NCADA St Louis go to .
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2 weeks ago

The ARCHway Institute

Brian Hevesy, ARCHway Board of Directors, recently talked at the 2019 St Louis Dinner about why he volunteers his time and gives of his resources to ARCHway and our vision. His main reason is to help change the stigma associated with this disease through education of the public, families and individuals about this disease.

ARCHway has many opportunities to get involved. To learn more, go to our web site and fill in the form on volunteering at or contact John Stuckey at .
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3 weeks ago

The ARCHway Institute

ARCHway is pleased to announce that Dr. Fred Rottnek has become our newest member of the ARCHway Board of Directors. ARCHway strives to have a very diverse set of skills and experiences on it's Board and Staff and Dr. Rottnek will be a great addition brining his skills and experiences from the medical community dealing with the disease of addiction. Below is a brief bio for Dr Fred Rottnek.

Fred Rottnek, MD, MAHCM

Dr. Rottnek is a Professor and the Director of Community Medicine at Saint Louis University (SLU) School of Medicine and Medical Director of the Physician Assistant Program. Dr. Rottnek is the Program Director of the Saint Louis University Addiction Medicine Fellowship. He is a graduate of the Saint Louis University School of Medicine and the Master of Arts in Health Care Mission Program at Aquinas Institute of Theology. His clinical practices have included correctional healthcare, homeless healthcare, community clinics, and addiction medicine. He teaches in the School of Medicine, the PA Program, and the Interprofessional Education Program. Board-Certified in Family Medicine and Addiction Medicine, he is the Medical Director for the Assisted Recovery Centers of American (ARCA). He also serves on the boards of the Saint Louis Regional Health Commission and Alive and Well Communities.
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Message From John

Rock + Recovery Minute

JOHN STUCKEY is the visionary for what has become the ARCHway Institute for Addictive Disease and Co-Existing Mental Health Disorders. John has an addiction disease. But in 2012, John was able to truly start managing his disease.

Learn more why John had a vision of education and support to help others suffering from this disease.

ROCK & RECOVERY mobilizes and supports the recovery community to grow and heal together through the therapeutic power of music, mixed with shared messages of hope and inspiration. Listen from your computer to the R&R station.

Rock & Recovery also interviews individuals in recovery, caregivers, professionals and politicians. Listen to the full library of interviews on the Rock & Recovery website.