Congratulations to the National Peer Recovery Alliance (NARR) on receiving $20,000 from ARCHway Institute to support their efforts to provide safe and sustainable recovery housing nationwide!

As a long-time partner of NARR, ARCHway is excited to have the opportunity to provide this level of support to such a needed organization.

Images from NARR STL Conference with ARCHway InstituteNARR is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to expanding the availability of well-operated and supportive recovery housing. They have developed the most widely referenced national standards for the operation of recovery homes. They work with and support 31 state affiliate organizations. NARR and these affiliates collectively support over 25,000 people in recovery from substance use disorders across the country. Therefore, this grant is supporting NARR’s national efforts as well as state affiliates, housing operators, and the individuals being served through these recovery homes. When individuals reaches out to ARCHway looking for recovery housing, we can rest easy knowing that if we direct them to a NARR accredited recovery house in their community, it is going to be a quality recovery home providing the necessary tools and resources to sustain someone in their recovery. This is because of the work that NARR does!

Similar to ARCHway, NARR has a small but mighty staff. Dave Sheridan, the Executive Director of NARR, is incredibly grateful to ARCHway for this support. You can hear his words of thanks in the video below.

These funds are also the start of a collaborative efforts between NARR, ARCHway, and NPRA to support NARR’s 2024 Best Practices Summit.

This conference brings housing providers, peers, and the like together in one place to share resources and best practices and to learn and grow together. This year, NARR will include educational sessions at their conference geared specifically towards peers. As experts in peer services, ARCHway and NPRA will be supporting the development of this peer track; therefore, providing much needed training and support to peer support specialists nationally.

Conferences like this ensure that recovery support services continue to grow and thrive, and we are looking forward to being part of it! The NARR Best Practices Summit will be held October 7-9, 2024 in Richmond, Virginia.

Images from NARR STL Conference with ARCHway Institute“ARCHway’s Mission is founded on being advocates for families and individuals seeking to start a journey of recovery. We help people find the resources and information they need to connect them to professional resources. Recovery housing is a critical piece of our families and individual’s journey, and as their advocates, it only makes sense that we help ensure that the recovery housing services continue to grow and all be run by a set of quality standards. NARR is a great opportunity for ARCHway to partner with, so we can advocate for quality and expanding recovery housing services.” – Dan Stuckey, ARCHway Chairman of the Board

“I was thrilled to hear we were supporting the National Alliance of Recovery Residences with a $20,000 grant, as they champion the essential role of housing in the recovery ecosystem. NARR’s work underscores how vital peer support and stable living environments are in nurturing recovery and rebuilding lives. They vision and purpose align nicely with ours.” – Jimmy McGill, Executive Director of NPRA

“ARCHway understands that housing is a critical component of the recovery ecosystem and how access to safe, affordable, and quality recovery housing is often the lynchpin for many in their recovery journey. NARR has been a catalyst for improving recovery housing by developing standards that have been adopted across the nation and continues to lead the way. Our support reiterates our commitment to their important work.” – Matt Boggs, ARCHway Board Member

Images from NARR STL Conference with ARCHway Institute
Images from NARR STL Conference with ARCHway Institute
Images from NARR STL Conference with ARCHway Institute
Images from NARR STL Conference with ARCHway Institute