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We would like to thank you for any support you provide to the ARCHway Institute for Addictive Diseases and Co-existing Mental Health Disorders

It means a lot to our organization to have caring and helpful individuals like you get involved. It is only by financial and time contributions such as yours that we can do the things necessary to help serve the individuals and communities in need of our assistance.  With the money and time you and other interested donors contribute, we will start making a difference in our communities and more importantly in the families who suffer from these devastating diseases.

All we ask is that you get involved in one form or another to help make the necessary changes in our communities.

The ARCHway Institute does not intend to operate any bingo activities. With respect to other gaming activities, it is anticipated that in the course of fundraising, raffles, sweepstakes or other games of chance may be utilized in order to raise funds for ARCHway. Volunteers which assist in fundraising will not be compensated. At this time, the ARCHway Institute is unable to forecast the amount of revenue received or expenses which may be incurred as a result of such fundraising activities.

The ARCHway Institute does not anticipate entering into any contract with individuals or organizations to conduct gaming activities for the ARCHway Institute, however at some point in the future, the organization may engage an individual or organization to arrange and coordinate a golf tournament, gala or fundraising dinner at which a raffle, sweepstakes or silent auction may occur. In such cases, the ARCHway Institute will negotiate any contract at arm’s length and will ensure that the price paid for services to any such organization or individual will be no more than the fair market rate for such services. Any contract to be entered into will require the prior approval of the Board of Directors, who will rely on information provided by other charitable organizations with respect to price paid for similar services.

It is anticipated that all fundraising activities including raffles, sweepstakes and other games of chance will occur in the St. Louis, Missouri metropolitan area. The ARCHway Institute may in the future raise awareness for mental health and addictive disorders by holding contests on its website – for example, the organization may hold an essay contest where applicants are encouraged to submit essays on how addiction has affected them, and the winner may receive a gift certificate – and in which case, applicants with internet access would be eligible, regardless of location.

Below are listed several ways that the ARCHway Institute may engage potential donors:

  1. Mail Solicitations – the ARCHway Institute may send fundraising letters to businesses and individuals at least annually to request that they donate funds to support the ARCHway Institute or to be cordially invited to attend the ARCHway Institute’s annual fundraising banquet and auction.
  2. Email Solicitation – the ARCHway Institute may utilize internet solicitation methods, including but not limited to email, social media contacts and other mediums.
  3. Personal Solicitation – the ARCHway Institute may fundraise by approaching a broad spectrum of entities and individuals in person to share the mission of the ARCHway Institute and seek public support.
  4. Foundation Grant Solicitations – the ARCHway Institute may apply for private or public foundation grants. There is no current arrangement for this method at this time.
  5. Vehicle, Boat, Plane, or Similar Donations – the ARCHway Institute does not anticipate donation of boats or planes, but in case of donated vehicle (such as automobile) the ARCHway Institute may accept this kind of donation with the intent of using such donated vehicles in order to further the ARCHway Institute’s mission. The donated vehicles will not be used for any other activities other than those that will further our status.
  6. Accept Donations through this Website – the ARCHway Institute intends to accept donations on its website. This function will be accessible through “donate” tab on the ARCHway Institute’s website. It is anticipated that internet donations will be processed by PayPal, Inc. and the funds, when processed, will be directed to the ARCHway Institute’s bank account.
7. Other Methods may include:

  • Symposiums and Lectures. The ARCHway Institute anticipates accepting donations during symposiums, lectures and other educational programs.
  • Small Scale Fundraising Events. The ARCHway Institute may hold small-scale fundraising events. The work performed for such events shall be “Volunteer Labor” and without compensation. The material used for such events shall only come from the gifts or contributed products.
  • Banquet and Auctions. The ARCHway Institute anticipates holding at least one fundraising banquet and auction annually. All auction items will be from the gifts or contributed merchandise and all the work performed for such events shall be volunteer labor and without compensation.
  • Golf Events. The ARCHway Institute anticipates holding one or more golf events in which ARCHway will collect a percentage of the cost per player along with corporate sponsorships, personal donations and silent auctions (donated or purchased items).
  • Web-related Donations The ARCHway Institute may make arrangements with commercial organizations for donations based on sales referrals. For example, some websites (such as allow nonprofit organizations to receive donations for sales which were referred from their website. Some local businesses in our area might also make such offers to nonprofit organizations. the ARCHway Institute would only consider this for items and services related to ARCHway’s activities and mission (e.g. books on Mental Health and Addictive Disorders).
  • Sale of Merchandise. The ARCHway Institute may sell shirts, hats, mugs and similar items through its website which will bear the ARCHway logo and mission statement. At this time, it is anticipated that only the sale of donated and contributed products would be utilized. The revenue from this activity is anticipated to be insubstantial.

At this time, there are no written or oral contracts for any entity or individual to provide fundraising services for the ARCHway Institute with respect to the above-discussed fundraising activities. If the ARCHway Institute should engage an entity or individual to provide fundraising services in the future, any negotiations will be at arm’s length and the price paid for such services will be the fair market value.

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