News and Events

Newest ARCHway Board Member, Mark Fitzsimmons

The ARCHway Institute is excited to announce that Mark Fitzimmons from Punta Gorda, Florida, is now our newest Board of Directors member starting August 1st, and will be Legal Advisor to the Institute starting January 1st, 2019. Mark brings a wealth of...

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Maurice Clarett, Director

Maurice Clarett joined the ARCHway Board in January 2017. Maurice brings a ton of experience and has a passion to help change the stigma and support individuals and their families have dealing with the disease of addiction. Below is some background on Maurice. Maurice...

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ARCHway 5th Annual St Louis Formal Dinner

Celebrating ARCHway’s 5th Anniversary What a special night of celebration at the 5th Annual ARCHway St. Louis Formal Dinner at the LiUNA Event Center! We celebrated ARCHway's 5th Anniversary in style. We celebrated, we laughed, we cried and we all...

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In Lieu of Flowers

Donna Whiteley and Jan Stuckey have put together a flier and envelopes which they call In Lieu of Flowers. This program is one of Hope whether to help fight for the one you are caring for or fighting for the next one. If you know of any funeral home, recovery center,...

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I Wish I Knew Video Series

ARCHway has just launched its I Wish I Knew series, a series of 20 short video messages by caregivers and individuals dealing with an addiction disease. These folks tell others what they wish they knew at the beginning of their journey that they now know. The DVD’s...

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ARCHway Speakers and Speaking Engagements

In 2018 ARCHway has formalized our speaking engagement program. ARCHway is willing to work with you to put on ARCHway Sponsored Free To The Public Seminars in your community or we will work with you to have one of our speakers come and talk to your club or group. In...

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ARCHway Institute Launches 2017 Hope Fund Campaign

The ARCHway Hope Fund Committee has launched its 2017 Hope Fund Campaign. The campaign will go from May through June of 2017, and the goal is to raise $50,000 in 2017. In 2015, ARCHway put the Hope Fund in place. The long-term goal is to raise $250,000 over a 5 year...

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Celebrating Brian Sieve’s Journey of Recovery

When I entered recovery in 2009, I was in deep denial about my addiction, but I did know that my life was a living hell. I was so angry with God that every moment of every day was so excruciatingly painful and hopeless, and I resented even the most basic of life’s obligations.

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Media Coverage

Drug addiction opened a door to help others

It was Thanksgiving, 2012, and Jan and Dan Stuckey couldn’t stop crying.

After five years of “hell” and about $150,000 spent on treatment, their college-educated son’s drug habit had devastated them…

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