The ARCHway Institute for Addictive Diseases & Co-Existing Mental Health Disorders, a national non-profit headquartered in Punta Gorda, has announced a significant milestone in its mission to champion families and individuals grappling with drug and/or alcohol addiction disease.

Inside Valerie's House, Punta Gorda FLThe institute is pleased to award a $25,000 grant to Valerie’s House, a local organization dedicated to providing grief support to children and their families who have experienced the loss of a loved one.

ARCHway’s CEO, Emily Stuckey, expressed the organization’s unwavering commitment to supporting those in need, stating, “ARCHway Institute’s mission is to be the advocates for families and individuals dealing with a drug and/or alcohol addiction disease. We help people all over the country find professional resources they need to start a journey of recovery. We provide this service for free and are able to do this out of the generosity of our donors.”

She continued, “ARCHway can also provide scholarships for individuals who have financial barriers that keep them from getting professional help, as well as provide grants to organizations like Valerie’s House, that provide professional services in local communities to help these families and individuals.”

Valerie’s House CEO Angela Melvin underscored the critical role her organization plays in providing grief support to children and families, particularly those affected by addiction. Melvin stated, “Forty percent of our individuals served are children under the age of 18. Forty-five percent of our individuals are grieving the death of someone they loved due to addiction to drugs or alcohol.” Melvin emphasized the high risk faced by grieving families, revealing, “Our participants are at high risk of using drugs and alcohol to cope with their loss. Many of our adult caregivers are in recovery and grieving the loss of their spouse while also raising children in grief.”

Melissa Lovejoy and Tara Zajas, Valerie Hous board membersWith the establishment of their new “forever home” in Punta Gorda, Valerie’s House is seeking sponsorships from organizations and families to support the facility’s successful launch. ARCHway’s $25,000 grant will specifically sponsor the teen room at the new facility. Valerie’s House is seeking sponsorships for additional rooms and extending their services to the community.

Dan Stuckey, Chairman of ARCHway Institute and Punta Gorda resident, expressed optimism about the grant award, stating, “We believe this can be a perfect partnership as Valerie’s House is providing professional resources to a high-risk group because the two top triggers for an addiction disease to becoming active are genetics and trauma. These kids and families obviously are at high risk and need our support.”

In addition, Emily Stuckey highlighted the collaborative potential between the two organizations, saying, “One out of three families in the US are dealing with a loved one with a drug and/or alcohol addiction, but only about 20% ever reach out for professional help with the number one reason being the stigma that is attached to this disease. If this is going on in your family, know that you are not alone and contact ARCHway as we can help get you the information you need as well as help connect your family to professional resources anywhere in the country.” For further information about Valerie’s House, please contact Melissa Lovejoy at 941-769-4915. To learn more about the ARCHway Institute, please contact Emily Stuckey at 636-579-2276.

About ARCHway Institute:
The ARCHway Institute for Addictive Diseases & Co-Existing Mental Health Disorders is a national nonprofit organization committed to advocating for families and individuals affected by drug and/or alcohol addiction. Through free professional resources, scholarships, and grants, ARCHway strives to empower individuals on their journey to recovery.

About Valerie’s House: Valerie’s House is a compassionate organization providing grief support to children and families coping with the loss of a loved one. With locations in Charlotte, Lee, and Collier Counties, Valerie’s House is dedicated to fostering healing and resilience in the face of grief, with a mission that no child should grieve alone.

ARCHway Institute presents a giant $25,00 check to Valerie's House in Punta Gorda FL

Pictured Left to Right: ARCHway Founder John Stuckey, ARCHway Board Member Mark Fitzsimmons, ARCHway Board Secretary Jan Stuckey, ARCHway CEO Emily Stuckey, Valerie’s House CEO – Angela Melvin, Valerie’s House Community Relations – Melissa Lovejoy, Valerie’s House Board Member Tara Zajas, Valerie’s House Board Member Todd Helt, ARCHway Chairman Dan Stuckey