Patient Advocates of Southwest FL

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ARCHway believes in recovery from the disease of addiction.

Patient Advocates of Southwest FL, LLC is pleased to team up with The ARCHway Institute through the establishment of an ARCHway HOPE Fund.

Patient Advocates of Southwest FL exists to promote and provide much needed family support to advocate and navigate through the substance use disorder (SUD) and other related disciplines within our complex and fragmented healthcare system. Advocacy and navigation is done on behalf of, or alongside the many sons, daughters, spouses, mothers, and fathers that are impacted by these disorders.

Patient Advocates of Southwest FL, CarolAnne Dube HOPE Fund sponsor

Our healthcare system is a challenge to effectively navigate. Patient Advocates of Southwest FL strives to support and warrant that individuals and families receive the resources they so desperately need.

While navigating and advocating on behalf of families struggling with SUD, we have witnessed the stigma within the communities we serve and on occasion, professional and caregiver bias that is associated with SUD. We are confident the establishment of this HOPE Fund will serve to support and enhance ARCHway’s efforts to reduce stigma and increase awareness and understanding of these disorders.

It is our expectation, the Patient Advocates of Southwest FL HOPE Fund Sponsorship will help to make certain that individuals receive access to the care they need to recover, and ultimately, create a lasting impact within the community.

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Donate to this HOPE Fund


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