Shirley and Howard Spielman

Hope Fund Sponsor

ARCHway believes in recovery from the disease of addiction.

Shirley & Howard Spielman HOPE Fund Sponsors

Howard Spielman was first introduced to ARCHway Institute through Jan and Dan Stuckey. He plays tennis at the Twin Isles Country Club, a HOPE Fund Sponsors as well as the venue for ARCHway’s Punta Gorda Tennis Mixer and Golf Scramble. After hearing about the great work that ARCHway does, Howard and Shirley Spielman were eager to support.


“There are very few families that have not been impacted by a relative or friend afflicted with addiction at some time. In our case, a close member of our family battled addiction for many years. It was only through getting the critical support services that they needed that they were finally able to reach a point of recovery,” said Howard.


Howard is right! Addiction impacts one in ten people directly, and for every one person directly impacted, there are about five people indirectly impacted from family and friends to coworkers and neighbors. So, whether directly or indirectly, it is fair to say we’ve all witnessed the effects of addiction.  


Howard added, “I think of addiction in a similar way to someone who is drowning. I see our HOPE Fund throwing a lifeline to those individuals who desperately need one.”

That is exactly what our HOPE Funds do. They provide much needed access to care and remind those struggling that there is help and there is hope out there.


Thank you, Howard and Shirley, for your dedication to this mission.


Howard has donated several archival prints to ARCHway that have been used for our auctions and raffles. To learn more about his artwork, go to


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