The Mark Shields Recovery Fund

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ARCHway believes in recovery from the disease of addiction.

Mark Shields Recovery Fund pictureI believe in Recovery.  I have seen Addiction lead to death and destruction, and I have seen Recovery lead to miraculous transformation.

Addiction and mental illness are a part of my family’s history as it is with most all of us; therefore, my life’s work in the mental health field is understandable.  Whether counseling individuals or directing programs, addiction and recovery always challenged and fascinated me.  There is no other disorder where the risk/reward is so high. Addiction leads to isolation and death, or recovery which brings a thriving life of community and purpose.

Clinical, medical, peer and recovery interventions are required; however, they are not all equally funded. Hope and Legacy funds established through the ARCHway Institute are designed to knock down financial barriers to the best of those interventions. Less than $500 can open the door to a recovery transformation and a thriving life of purpose.

Recovery is a great investment!

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