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ARCHway believes in recovery from the disease of addiction.

Marci Smith, a certified peer specialist with the Assisted Recovery Centers of America, is in long-term recovery and clean for over five years.

She has been described as a statistical anomaly because the success rate for women is not high. To have gone through what Marci has, to have come out the other side, and to be working in the field as a woman is incredible.

Her story is a true display of strength, courage, and the resources it takes to fight the disease of addiction. She shares that God had bigger plans for her then the life she was leading in her addiction. He saved her so many times in order to see her become the woman she is today.

Her story saves lives.

Marci grew up in Bellville, Illinois. She has never met her biological father, her mother wasn’t ready to be a parent because she was so young; so she was raised primarily by her grandmother. Her relationship with her grandmother is one she cherishes deeply… Growing up, Marci felt rejected by both her mother and father, an insecurity that would propel her addiction. In her mind, she thought: “They don’t want me,” “I’m not good enough,” and “I’m not worth it. In fact, I’m not worth much of anything.” This made it difficult for Marci to make friends and develop positive, healthy relationships with others.

It led her to friends who also felt broken. The truth is, although she felt more accepted by these friends, they would also lead her down the path of substance use. In addition, she felt alone even with these friends. She felt like she didn’t belong. Marci said, “I always felt like there was something missing. And I think…that something missing was…a connection to other people, which I didn’t allow myself because of my fears.”

Marci’s drug and alcohol use started at an early age; consuming alcohol at just eight years old. By twelve, she was smoking marijuana and by fifteen, she was experimenting with other recreational drugs. She was offered heroin for the first time when she was fifteen or sixteen. Not knowing what it was, its effects or its power, she tried it. It immediately took control of her life and led her further and further into darkness.

Marci explained it, saying, “I was stuck. And that was all that there was for the next nine years.”

Marci’s first interaction with ARCHway’s Hope Fund campaign was, unfortunately, due to the death of one of her closest and most impactful friends, Blake. Blake had a huge impact on Marci’s life; more so than he probably knew at the time. The one thing that gave Marci hope and relief during this time was the ability to start a Hope Fund through the ARCHway Institute in Blake’s name.

“If I have one piece of advice to give, it is NOT to lose faith in yourself. If you do, you will lose all chance of getting anything better in your life. You’ll be surprised how many people are behind you!”

Marci continues this work by sharing her story of hope with the world. She knows she is on the right path and is doing what she has been blessed with life to do.

With her own “Marci Smith” Hope Fund, Marci hopes that funding from her fund can go towards closing the gaps in care between men’s and women’s services, as well as helping all.

Marci said, “My personal belief is helping as many people as possible and to have something in my name that would further that…it would be incredible.”

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