Larry and Nancy Kovacs

Hope Fund Sponsor

ARCHway believes in recovery from the disease of addiction.

Larry & Nancy Kovacs HOPE Fund SponsorshipNancy and Larry Kovacs are grateful supporters of the ARCHway Institute. They’ve been friends with the Stuckey Family for a long time. They had kids around the same age, and John and their son, Kyle, were around two when they started getting together for playdates. John spent a lot of time with the Kovacs. He even lived with them for a short time when his family was relocating from Florida to Ohio, so he pretty much became a part of the family as Nancy explained!

Not only do Larry and Nancy understand that addiction is a huge problem in our society, they also truly believe in the Stuckey family and the work that they are doing. They love what they have put together and how they are supporting other families who are struggling with addiction. They love seeing all the good that is being accomplished through ARCHway Institute!

Nancy and Larry shared that it makes them proud to sponsor and support something so important! They know their support is helping individuals get established in sober living homes and helping to make long-term recovery possible!

On behalf of ARCHway Institute, we want to say just how grateful we are to the Kovacs for their support and their dedication to this important mission.

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