Johnny Andrew Barton

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ARCHway believes in recovery from the disease of addiction.

Johnny-Andrew-Barton-HOPE-FundThe Johnny Andrew Barton Hope Fund Sponsorship  wishes to spread the message that addiction is not something for which we should be ashamed.

This Hope Fund Sponsorship honors the life of Johnny Andrew Barton, who passed away from substance use disorder on April 16, 2020. ARCHway, along with Drew’s family and friends, honor him as the strong, hard working, compassionate and loving person he was. 

Drew’s mother Andrea Kramer shared that, above all, Drew loved his friends and family dearly and would do anything for them. He liked to fish, played football in high school, and he talked to his mom everyday.

Drew battled his addiction on and off for several years. Andrea believes that he was ashamed and embarrassed by his addiction and was struggling with depression at the time of his death. These things held him back from asking for help. 

Andrea and her family started this Hope Fund Sponsorship as a way of honoring Drew – and also to promote the message that addiction is not something for which one should be ashamed.

She wants to remind others that,

  • Addiction is a disease.
  • Dependence on substances changes the chemical make-up of the brain.
  • Dependence is not something that can be treated without professional help and being connected to the right resources.

Andrea hopes this Hope Fund Sponsorship will help others open up about their personal struggles with substance use disorder, so they can get the help they need to get well and to stay well. 

Andrea found ARCHway through another relative, now in recovery, who found support from ARCHway. She very passionately wants everyone to know about ARCHway and the resources that are out there. She doesn’t hide the fact that her son passed away from an overdose, because in silence, she knows nothing will change. In telling her story, she is helping others open up to telling theirs as well. 

Through this Hope Fund Sponsorship, Drew is able to continue to bring life and joy to so many, as the funds raised will help to support those on a path to recovery from substance use disorder.

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