Martin Family

Martin Family

Hope Fund Sponsor

ARCHway believes in recovery from the disease of addiction.

The Martin Family

The Martin Family our of Avon Lake, Ohio and have been close friends with the Stuckey Family for many years. Like the Stuckey Family, they went  through and continue to go through the journey of addiction as a family. They reached out to ARCHway in 2013 and in some small way ARCHway was able to help the family find the resources and information they had been searching for.

Martin Family - Hope Fund SponsorsSince then the family has been strong supporters and advocates of ARCHways cause of educating and bringing awareness to this disease. There hope is to help other families through their own experience.

The Martin Family has taken the lead in running ARCHway Events, Volunteering at events, doing public speaking in telling their story on radio and reaching out to friends needing help with this disease.

Our family has been proud to support the ARCHway cause!


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