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ARCHway believes in recovery from the disease of addiction.

Cape Coral Police Department Logo, Bronze Sponsor of the ARCHway InstituteThe Cape Coral Police Department, under Police Chief David Newlan, believes in the ARCHway mission and is therefore very excited to start a Hope Fund Sponsorship with funds raised going towards individuals in Cape Coral, Florida, who present with a substance use disorder and are in need of financial assistance.

Chief Newlan shares that the needs for those with substance use disorders are different from one community to the next, and from one person to the next. Individuals and families need resources: inpatient and outpatient care along with access to transportation and recovery housing. And, as Chief Newlan explained, the police department needs those resources at the ready. When someone gets the courage to go to the police department and ask for help, they want to have the ability to get them the resources quickly.

In addition, Chief Newlan explained that “We can’t arrest ourselves out of this problem.” Rather, Chief Newlan explained, “We have to treat the person’s substance use disorder in order to reduce the repeat offenders coming in and out of the system.”

It is for these reasons that the Cape Coral Police Department launched their Hope Program in 2019. Through this program, the police department determines different organizations and resources that are available to those struggling with a substance use disorder in order to divert these individuals to the right places. Their hope is to continue to expand by adding additional resources like The ARCHway Institute.

Chief Newlan said, “ARCHway will always be one of our resources for our program that we know we can contact.” The more resources available, the more likely the person is to see a path to recovery and take that path.

Recovery is possible when the right resources are presented to an individual, and the Cape Coral Police Department is working tirelessly to get these resources in the hands of their community members. ARCHway is grateful to be one of those resources and to have the support of the Cape Coral Police Department.


For more information on the Cape Coral Police Department Hope Program, go to:

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