Brian Sieve

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ARCHway believes in recovery from the disease of addiction.

“We DO recover from addiction.  But we cannot do it alone. It always takes much help, from many.”

Brian Sieve, ARCHway Institute Hope Fund SponsorI am so honored and grateful for this Bronze Level Sponsorship with the ARCHway Institute.

When I entered recovery in 2009, I was in deep denial about my addiction, but I did know that my life was a living hell. I was so angry with God that every moment of every day was so excruciatingly painful and hopeless, and I resented even the most basic of life’s obligations. I eventually accepted that I needed to get clean and sober, and I sincerely wanted to change and “take suggestions.” I just couldn’t figure it out on my own. I struggled and suffered mightily for several years of yo-yo sobriety and binges before I surrendered in despair and entered rehab again.

I was fortunate to still be employed when I hit bottom, so I had insurance coverage that allowed me to choose an excellent center for detox and inpatient rehab. But my soul was crushed and I was terrified. It was humiliating to have to admit to everyone and myself that I was still “failing” at recovery after all these years. I felt that I would lose all trust I had fought to rebuild.

Don't be ashamed of your story - it WILL inspire othersEveryone around me, however, had seen my pain and my struggle. I was not fooling anyone, except maybe myself. They loved me and just wanted me well and happy, but they felt powerless to help. Their encouragement and support were profound and humbling. Getting honest about my struggle, and accepting the help that was being offered me, I took advantage of several opportunities. It is thanks to many generous folks, and to God, that I can realize the recovery, and growing sense of peace, purpose, and serenity I enjoy today.

I received medically assisted treatment (MAT) that allowed my body to have far fewer, and less powerful physical cravings to use. This allowed me to focus on dealing with any emotions I had been avoiding, and learn to face life on life’s terms without self-medicating for the first time in 30 years.

An important suggestion I took was to live in a transitional recovery home in order to learn that my way was not always right, nor always the best way to do things I needed accountability, support, and feedback from other recovering addicts.

Faith - Hope - Healing - ForgivenessIt was there that I met John Stuckey and heard his inspired vision to form a non-profit to accompany families struggling with addiction and assist financially those without the resources we were lucky to have to get treatment.  I admired John, his family, and their associates as this vision became reality.

With help from the Twelve Steps Fellowships, I grew more confident in my relationship with God and making choices to follow God’s Will.  I pursued my Vocational Call to enter seminary.

I was honored to be invited to join the Board of the ARCHway Institute, the embodiment of John’s vision with a mission near to my heart.   I believe that part of my ministry will always involve reaching out to help others into the recovery I am blessed to enjoy.

Now I am fortunate to be working as a case manager for others seeking medically assisted treatment for recovery.

I am also interning as a juvenile detention chaplain, halfway through my seminary studies, and on my way to ordination. I have received so much support from friends and loved ones and the recovery community.  I am asking that others join me in supporting this work that will change lives, as it did mine.  Heaven knows the need is great.

We DO recover from addiction.  But we cannot do it alone.  It always takes much help, from many.  I want to thank you for stepping up at this crucial time.

Peace and Blessings!
Brian Sieve

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