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Girlfriends Supporting Girlfriends for Life

“The Herd, a group of eleven ladies who came together at Ohio State University from 1975 to 1979 and have remained lifelong friends supporting each other and the bumps in the road that life brings to all families.”

It is an honor for me to start a Hope Fund in celebration of the girls I met in our college years (1975-1979). I know each of us has some passion or issue in their family and I love that when prayers are needed or joys or concerns need to be shared, most of us think to go to some or all of us to get the support we need as girlfriends.

OSU Herd Members

  • Chris Bowman Forry
  • Kim Edington Clermont
  • Jill Gurr Schlecht
  • Ruth Ellerbrock Haidet
  • Jan Jerew Stuckey
  • Barb Burris Stewart
  • Kathy Horwath Vonderbrink
  • Nancy Terveer Powell
  • Lynn Pressler
  • Ann Vallo Febis
  • Kathy Stroh

Our friendship of forty years, bonded by us meeting and collecting each other as friends during our years at Ohio State holds as an anchor for me to have as years have grown and some years keep us apart, yet a phone call or hug away.  We have continued to ‘herd’ together with each other and our families, especially when celebrations and prayers require.

Being able to share when there are hurts, struggles and pain help to start healing, forgiving and feeling joy again. It is so important to me and others to know you are not alone in this journey and the strength of friendship and support are so valuable.

Thank you for loving unconditionally,
Jan Stuckey

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