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ARCHway believes in recovery from the disease of addiction.

Growing the Forcefield of Change

Logo for CeJay Associates Web Design, Business Graphics, Internet MarketingThe CeJay team has been working with ARCHway for a little over a year now. From the first time we met and since that time, we grow more and more amazed at the energy and dedication of all involved with ARCHway Institute. The message is one of inspiration and hope – with a plan – that addresses the growing problem of drug addiction. One needs only to read the police report in the daily paper to understand what a disaster addiction is; for individuals, families and communities.

To watch the work that ARCHway is doing: connecting community leaders to create a network of support, helping organizations understand that Recovery Works, providing grants and scholarships so they can put plans into action – is simply amazing. In our Punta Gorda community, ARCHway has been active:

  • Working with local police departments to give individuals in crisis a way to get help, not simply a jail sentence
  • Teaching about the connection between addiction and homelessness – and how getting individuals into recovery can change their lives
  • Pulling together donors and volunteers to help organizations that support recovery
  • Changing the stigma of having the disease of addiction

We have cheered and cried over the Hope Fund stories that we have posted to the website. We want to be a part of spreading this message!

In honor of all those who are in recovery, working towards recovery and those who support those in recovery, we dedicate this CeJay Hope Fund.

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