Stories of Hope

ARCHway believes in recovery from the disease of addiction.

Igniting Hope: The Story of a Community Lighting the Way to Recovery, coverIgniting Hope: The Story of a Community Lighting the Way to Recovery

Announcing the release of this long awaited book! Read the press release here.

Dan & Jan Stuckey tell their story of Hope & Recovery

Dan & Jan Stuckey, Journey as Caregivers

Dan & Jan Stuckey Share their Journey as Caregivers in Recovery

Interviewed by Emily Jung

‚ÄčOne cannot fathom what it is like to be the parent or sibling of a loved one in active addiction. The hurt of a caregiver is extensive and isolating. They often suffer in silence, unsure ...
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Colton Baker, Hope Fund Sponsor

Colton Baker

Colton Baker is a certified peer specialist with five years of sustained recovery.

He works with ARCHway Institute, Recovery House, and the EPICC Project (Engaging Patients in Care Coordination) in order to help others struggling with the disease of addiction. Colton is an advocate for medically assisted treatment, transitional living, ...
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Marci & Jordan of ARCHway Institute

Marci Smith Recovery & Beyond

Marci Smith, Her Legacy Continues

Marci Smith had over five years of sustained recovery. She worked as a Certified Peer Specialist, and she was very active in ARCHway Institute as a volunteer. She helped with anything from fundraising to event planning to educational efforts. She would do anything to help ...
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Jordan Hampton, ARCHway Advocate

Jordan Hampton, Champion of Recovery

Jordan Hampton shares his Journey of Recovery

Jordan Hampton grew up in Farmington, a small town in Southeast Missouri. It was a football town, and Jordan was the star of his high school team. As captain, Jordan appeared to have it all. Everyone knew him and everyone liked him. He ...
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