March 2021: Announcing the release of “Igniting Hope: The Story of a Community Lighting the Way to Recovery”!

About the Author

Emily Jung is the CEO/COO of ARCHway Institute and the author of Igniting Hope. She is a Certified Peer Specialist and has previous work experience at Assisted Recovery Centers of America and Queen of Peace Center in St. Louis, Missouri. Emily spent 6 years teaching English in a public school district before moving into the behavioral health field to help those impacted by substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders.
Emily knows the devastation that accompanies substance use including the long-term impact that it has on individuals and families. She came to ARCHway two years ago to write and publish this book and would like to thank the number of people who allowed her to interview them during this writing process from peers and caregivers to ARCHway’s community partners. Thank you all!

About the Book

This book highlights the light of recovery and how when one person recovers, that person helps the next person and so on. It encompasses 11 peer recovery stories of hope along with several caregiver stories. It discusses the ARCHway community, and how it is really a team of people – peers, caregivers, treatment providers, recovery housing providers, business partners, those involved in criminal justice and education, and more — who have come together to shine a light on recovery. The addiction epidemic cannot be fought alone, so this community is working together to provide individuals and families with a pathway out of their addiction – lighting the way to thriving in recovery.


Igniting Hope: The Story of a Community Lighting the Way to Recovery, cover

Available Today

You can help us to light the way to recovery by reading the book, sharing it with friends, and writing a review on Amazon. Book royalties or proceeds go to support ARCHway Institute’s mission of increasing access to treatment and recovery resources for those impacted by substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders.

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