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ARCHway believes in recovery from the disease of addiction.

NPRA is a consortium of peer support specialists dedicated to building a more unified, empowered peer workforce to support individuals with substance use disorders.

NPRA was started in 2020. At the end of 2021, we officially became a Division of ARCHway Institute. This has enabled us to continue to grow and carry out our mission. We are grateful for the support of ARCHway as they truly want to see peers on sustainable career paths with the support they need to be successful.

For many peers, our long-term recovery is rooted in giving back and supporting others impacted by substance use disorders. However, we know that our recovery has to be strong and that there needs:  proper support, supervision, stable career options, and more.

Our mission is for the position to support, rather than hinder, that recovery.

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NPRA, with ARCHway’s help, is working to build the peer workforce, so there are peers to fill the job openings that are currently available. We are dedicated to elevating and strengthening the workforce, so peers are set up for success. We strive to give peers a voice and an equal seat at the table when it comes to policy, funding, and what really works.

Because peer support services are considered a best practice, we believe that if we strengthen the workforce, we will help more people recover and that we will see overdose rates start to decrease.

That said, funds raised through this NPRA HOPE Fund will support peer workforce development. In supporting this HOPE Fund, you are helping us to help more people recover.

We are proud to be a division of ARCHway Institute, and we are proud to support their efforts as they support ours.

Donate to this HOPE Fund

Donate to this HOPE Fund


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