ARCHway Provides Over $70,000 in Financial Support to Increase Access to Care and Healthy Solutions


ARCHway believes that recovery is possible when people are surrounded by the right resources, support, and care. We term this RECOVERY CAPITAL, the internal and external factors that help someone find and maintain recovery from substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders. Recovery capital can include recovery housing, social support groups, employment and educational opportunities, transportation, treatment, legal support, life skills, and so much more. The more recovery capital a person has the better their chances of maintaining a happy, joyous, and free recovery! 

So ARCHway provides grants to support a variety of recovery-oriented systems of care, so individuals can be wrapped in these resources and as a result, increase their recovery capital. Below is a list of the organizations ARCHway financial supported through grants during quarter 4 of 2022. 

We want to congratulate these recipients and thank them for the work they are doing in the community to help people recover!

Friends of Nate Thrive Advocates for Behavioral Health (Kirkwood, MO) 

Friends of Nate Thrive focuses on creating positive changes in the community for adolescents and young adults. They make connections to mental health education and enthusiastic recovery for young people that provides long-lasting impact in their lives and help them thrive into adulthood. ARCHway grant funds will be utilized to bring mental wellness education to area high schools and college students.

Communities of Recovery (CORE) (Branson, MO)

CORE is a one-year recovery program in the Midwest. It provides life instruction and safe housing for individuals impacted by substance use disorders. Their program includes a variety of recovery activities — recovery classes, groups, spirituality classes, GED classes, peer services, and more. ARCHway grant funds were utilized to cover the cost of one month at CORE for an individual in need of financial support.

Sana Lake Recovery Center (Dittmer, MO) 

Sana Lake Recovery Center provides a variety of wrap-around services for individuals with substance use disorders. They provide detox, residential, outpatient, recovery housing, family support, and more. ARCHway grant funds were utilized to cover the costs associated with one month of recovery supportive housing at Sana Lake Recovery Center.

Hilljack House (St. Louis, MO)

Hilljack House provides recovery housing in St. Louis, MO. They currently have five houses with accommodations for 38 residents, both men and women. They provide a sober home environment for newly recovering individuals to begin to rebuild their lives. ARCHway grant funds were utilized to supplement rent for individuals with a financial need in their program.

Code 1 Wellness (Archie, MO)

Code 1 Wellness gives communities, first responders, and veterans the help they deserve through physical, mental, and social well-being treatment. ARCHway grant funds are being utilized to cover cost of counseling, support groups, and case management for those in need of financial support.

Healing House (Kansas City, MO)

Healing House is a faith-based substance use disorder recovery organization working in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area. The organization provides safe and stable homes, opportunity for spiritual growth, along with purposeful guidance and support. They serve those who are committed to overcoming their substance use disorder and becoming responsible, productive members of the community. Healing House operates a home for new mothers and/or pregnant women called Madeline’s House. ARCHway’s grant funds will be used to assist a new mother and her child with program fees while she finds the necessary resources to begin an independent, healthy life with her child.

Glenbeigh Outpatient Center of Niles (Niles, OH)

Glenbeigh Outpatient Center of Niles provides sober living residences for males 18 years and older who need additional support while learning to apply the 12-Steps of AA/NA into their daily lives. ARCHway’s grant funds are being utilized for rental assistance for those seeking this kind of sober, supportive living environment.

Take Action Today (West Frankfort, IL)

ARCHway grant funds are being utilized for the LifeSource Recovery Center Shower and Laundry Program at Take Action Today. This program aims to provide those struggling with substance use disorders with shower and laundry services free of charge. The shower and laundry program at LifeSource Recovery Center strives to restore hope and dignity to those who struggle the most in the communities. Along with hygiene, the staff of Take Action Today also help these individuals learn about services that are available to them, such as health care, job training and placement, housing, education, and peer recovery services.

Recovery Life Homes (Kissimmee, FL)

Recovery Life Homes is a safe and healthy living environment that promotes abstinence from alcohol and other mind-altering substances. The purpose of this recovery home is to provide an environment to both initiate and sustain recovery. They aim to improve the physical, mental, and social well-being of those they are servicing. ARCHway grant funds were utilized to provide rental assistance to an individual seeking recovery housing at Recovery Life Homes. 

Art of Living (Naples, FL)

The Art of Living Home is a sober living community focused on empowering men and women to achieve a life free from substance use disorder. ARCHway grant funds were utilized to provide rental assistance to an individual seeking recovery housing at Art of Living Home.

The Phoenix House Project (Cape Coral, FL)

The Phoenix House Project provides a safe, clean, and stable living environment for individuals impacted by substance use disorders. They help people find a new way to live and help lead these individuals to long-term recovery. They strive to meet each resident’s specific needs. ARCHway grant funds were utilized to supplement the cost of rent for a couple different individuals seeking recovery housing and support at the Phoenix House.

Oxford House of Florida (Cape Coral, FL)

Oxford House of Florida offers a supportive way of living and opportunities to learn life skills in a clean and sober environment. ARCHway grant funds were utilized to help with rental assistance to individuals in need of financial support.

Regenerate Your Authentic Nature (RYAN) (Fort Myers, FL)

RYAN Healing center is a non-profit organization that offers supportive sober living for alcoholics, addicts, and codependents. RYAN provides hope, help, and healing for the mind, body, and soul. They serve women and provide tools and resources to enable them to live a happy, joyous, and free lifestyle without drugs and alcohol. ARCHway grant funds were utilized by RYAN to help with damage that endured because of Hurricane Ian. Funds were specifically utilized to help repair their roof damage and allow them to continue to provide their much needed services to women in Fort Myers, FL.

Drug Free Punta Gorda (Punta Gorda, FL)

Drug Free Punta Gorda is a youth substance prevention coalition, serving adults, teens, children, and families in the community. ARCHway grant funds will be utilized to cover the cost of early intervention efforts to prevent substance use disorders from impacting our youth and adolescents in Punta Gorda, FL.

Footprints to Recovery (Nashville, TN)

Footprints to Recovery is a recovery residence providing housing for both men and women. They offer a place where individuals can learn to live in a responsible and productive manner both in and outside of their communities and households and maintain a full and joy-filled life within the bounds of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. ARCHway grant funds will help indigent individuals who do not have an additional financial support. It will cover the initial entrance fee and weekly program fee of the program.

Quote from by Marsha Hawkins-Hourde, Executive Director a grant recipient at the Child & Family Empowerment Center in St. Lois, MO.

As recovery goals are sought, people in recovery realize that there are unforseen barriers to success. These barriers can cause stress and anxiety. When no support is available, people in recovery can experience feelings of hopelessness and defeat. These feelings often lead to a return to using drugs and alcohol. archway Institute funds help “cafe” to address some of these barriers Stable recovery housing and reliable transportation help improve and sustain long-term recovery for those being served. The support from archway Institute results in people being stable and contributing citizens in our neighborhoods.  It is a blessing to have a relationship with those who not only serve, but also, those who care. The archway staff care about those being served and that makes a world of difference to people in recover.


ARCHway Supports Families Too!: Addiction is a family disease. At ARCHway, we believe strongly that there is recovery on both sides — for the individual with the substance use disorder and the family member.

In 2022, ARCHway provided a grant to Cathy’s House in Medina, Ohio to help cover the cost of their first ever “Resident and Family Fun Day.” Residents invited their family members. All enjoyed food, games, and education.

ARCHway supports events like this because we know that family members can be great partners in the recovery process. Events like this bring families together, provide support networks for individuals and their family members, and facilitate open, honest communication about substance use and mental health disorders.

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