Year-to-date, ARCHway has awarded over $33,000 in grants to increase access to treatment and recovery for those impacted by substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders.

During Q2 of 2022, the executive committee was able to award grants to the following recovery-oriented systems of care. Read more about how these organizations will be utilizing their ARCHway grant.

Learn to Live Recovery (Hermann, MO)

This grant was utilized to provide financial assistance to an individual impacted by a substance use disorder residing at Learn to Live Recovery.

Hanani House (St. Charles, MO)

These funds are being utilized to continue to provide residents with comprehensive recovery support services. Hanani House will be opening a second home in Washington, MO. and will soon be doubling their resident capacity!

Hilljack House (St. Louis, MO)

These funds are being utilized to cover outside expenses for recovery housing residents at Hilljack House until they have a job that is able to support them financially. This could include purchasing food cards and weekly bus passes as well as rental assistance for residents as needed. These basic needs are vital to individuals in early recovery who have lost everything due to their substance use.

Child and Family Empowerment Center (CAFE) (St. Louis, MO)

CAFE will be utilizing the funds to put LIFEBoxes in St. Louis neighborhoods with high overdose rates. LIFE Boxes are similar to the share-a-book boxes. They are mailboxes that have Narcan/Naloxone kits in them. These LIFEBoxes contain information about treatment and recovery services for SUD, and they are decorated with messages that inspire others to learn how to administer Narcan/Naloxone.

Additionally, CAFE received grant funding to support 3 different women in recovery housing at CAFE. This provided rental assistance for a month for each of these women!

LIV Sober Living (St. Charles, MO)

These funds will be utilized by LIV Sober Living as they expand their recovery housing and treatment services into North City, St. Louis.

Lily’s House (Adrian, MO)

Lily’s House will utilize these funds to start a support group for families of addicted loved ones. This support group will meet regularly and be open to all community members in addition to the families of the women they are directly serving at Lily’s House. It will be facilitated by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) or Certified Peer Specialist (CPS) and will be a time where families can discuss and learn new ways to cope with trauma-related issues and grief-related issues, ways of managing depression and anxiety symptoms, and ways of helping versus enabling their loved one. Most of all, it will provide support and hope to families who are hurting.

Addiction is Real (AIR) (Chesterfield, MO)

This grant will be utilized for the Justin Police Department’s Substance Use Prevention Event in Justin, TX. This prevention event will include a live showing of AIR’s prevention film, Don’t Wait. The event will also include local resources and coalitions, as well as Megan Simmons (AIR’s Prevention Ambassador in Texas) telling her story of addiction and recovery. Fentanyl coming across the Texas border is up 700% over last year, and overdose deaths are skyrocketing. AIR hopes that this event will help educate parents on the dangers of substance use and what they can do to help protect their children.

Nikki’s House (Niles, OH)

This grant was utilized to cover the cost of expenses for a resident at Nikki’s House impacted by a substance use disorder.

Take Action Today (West Frankfort, IL)

This grant will be used to provide trauma-informed recovery support to participants in Take Action Today’s Recovery Education and Reentry program. Through this program, their staff is able to provide recovery support services to residents of county jails that prepare them for maintaining sobriety after release.

Nextep (Ft Myers, FL)

Grant funding was utilized to provide financial assistance to individuals impacted by a substance use disorder residing at Nextep recovery housing.

Art of Living (Naples, FL)

Grant funding was utilized to provide financial assistance to individuals impacted by a substance use disorder residing at Art of Living recovery housing.

SalusCare (Fort Myers, FL)

This grant was utilized to cover the cost of basic needs for an individual impacted by substance use disorder residing at SalusCare.

The Phoenix House Project (Cape Coral, FL)

Grant funding was utilized to provide financial assistance to individuals impacted by a substance use disorder residing at The Phoenix House Project recovery housing.

Healing Transitions (Raleigh, NC)

This grant is being utilized to provide 9  free days of care, food, shelter, clothing, medical services, and direction in early recovery at Healing Transitions. The participant will attend classes, sleep, and dine alongside the participants in the Engagement Track and attend Recovery Dynamics® classes as well as onsite and offsite 12-step meetings with a guaranteed bed and place to store their belongings.

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