The ARCHway Institute

We believe in recovery from the disease of addiction.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance to help those with alcohol or drug addiction diseases get into recovery programs.

Finding Treatment

Get help finding an appropriate Medically Assisted Treatment Center for you or a loved one.

Caregiver Support

Connect with other caregivers who have witnessed the journey of recovery. Gain help as well as help others.

Event Support

Help organize events in your community to drive education and awareness around issues surrounding addiction diseases.


ARCHway 5th Annual St Louis Formal Dinner

Celebrating ARCHway’s 5th Anniversary What a special night of celebration at the 5th Annual ARCHway St. Louis Formal Dinner at the LiUNA Event Center! We celebrated ARCHway's 5th Anniversary in style. We celebrated, we laughed, we cried and we all...

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In Lieu of Flowers

Donna Whiteley and Jan Stuckey have put together a flier and envelopes which they call In Lieu of Flowers. This program is one of Hope whether to help fight for the one you are caring for or fighting for the next one. If you know of any funeral home, recovery center,...

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I Wish I Knew Video Series

ARCHway has just launched its I Wish I Knew series, a series of 20 short video messages by caregivers and individuals dealing with an addiction disease. These folks tell others what they wish they knew at the beginning of their journey that they now know. The DVD’s...

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ARCHway Speakers and Speaking Engagements

In 2018 ARCHway has formalized our speaking engagement program. ARCHway is willing to work with you to put on ARCHway Sponsored Free To The Public Seminars in your community or we will work with you to have one of our speakers come and talk to your club or group. In...

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ARCHway Institute Launches 2017 Hope Fund Campaign

The ARCHway Hope Fund Committee has launched its 2017 Hope Fund Campaign. The campaign will go from May through June of 2017, and the goal is to raise $50,000 in 2017. In 2015, ARCHway put the Hope Fund in place. The long-term goal is to raise $250,000 over a 5 year...

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22 hours ago

The ARCHway Institute

2018 Hope Fund Campaign - Lesa Bradley - HOPE Recovery - Columbus, Ohio

ARCHway Institute has been a strong supporter of the structured Sober Living programs at HOPE Recovery in Columbus, Ohio for about four years now. In that time ARCHway has given an estimated $5,000 in Grants as Scholarships. These scholarships are to cover an individuals 1st month of rent while they seek employment.

To learn more about HOPE Recovery and their programs , please go to their web site at .
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5 days ago

The ARCHway Institute

2018 Hope Fund Campaign - Kevin McDonald - TROSA - Durham, NC

ARCHway Institute has been a strong supporter of the programs at TROSA in Durham, North Carolina for over two years now. Over the last 2 years ARCHway has given over $10,000 in Grants as Scholarships.

CEO & President Kevin McDonald talks about the TROSA story and how ARCHway's support can help their efforts.

To learn more about TROSA and their unique programs, please go to their web site at .
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John Stuckey shares what he has learned on his journey of recovery so others may learn from his experience.

ARCHway Institute is dedicated to educating individuals, families and communities about the issues surrounding the disease of alcohol and drug addiction.

The ARCHway iWishiKnew Campaign is a series of 20 short messages by caregivers and individuals in recovery. They want to share what they learned dealing with this disease over the years they wish they had known when their journey first started.

To hear all 20 messages by these individuals, please go to ARCHway's Vimeo Page at .

ARCHway, we believe in recovery from the disease of addiction.
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2018 Hope Fund Campaign - Cyndy's Story - CBHC

ARCHway Institute has been a strong supporter of the programs at Charlotte Behaviorial Health Care in Charlotte County, Florida. Over the last 4 years ARCHway has given around $25,000 in Grants as Scholarships to CBHC so he can hear more stories like Cyndy's.These scholarships help an estimated 50 people start their journey of recovery.

While 1 in 10 people in the US over the age of 12 have an Alcohol or Drug Addiction Disease, only about 20% every ask for proffessional help.

Not only does your financial support help change people's lives but your visual support breaks down the Stigma attached to this disease that keeps people from seeking help.

Hear the rest of Cyndy's story by going to .
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Message From John

JOHN STUCKEY is the visionary for what has become the ARCHway Institute for Addictive Disease and Co-Existing Mental Health Disorders. John has an addiction disease but in 2012 John was able to truly start managing his disease. Learn more why John had a vision of education and support to help others suffering from this disease.

Rock + Recovery Minute

ROCK & RECOVERY mobilizes and supports the recovery community to grow and heal together through the therapeutic power of music, mixed with shared messages of hope and inspiration.

Rock & Recovery and ARCHway interview individuals in recovery, caregivers, professionals, and politicians. Each week, we’ll feature a new Rock & Recovery Minute here. You can also listen to the full library of interviews on the Rock & Recovery site.