Recently, we heard about ARCHway at another dental lecture. We were so impressed with the information and the impact the opioid epidemic is having on individuals, families and the community. We, as medical providers, need to hear this information. While the local and evening news addresses the issue, ARCHway makes it more concise. I hope that once we are educated, we can pass along this information and change the way we prescribe certain medications.

The Westshore Study Club
Northern Ohio

2018 Hope Fund Campaign:
The Westshore Study Club

ARCHway would like to share the Westshore Study Group’s story. A dental continuation study group in northern Ohio they recently had ARCHway come and speak at one of their educational gatherings and decided to create a sponsorship to the ARCHway Hope Fund.

If you are interested in having an ARCHway speaker come to one of your events, please visit our “Request an Event Speaker” page and fill out a request form. We will do everything in our power to make it happen.


Please visit the Westshore Study Club sponsorship page hear their story and consider making a donation to their sponsorship.