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ARCHway Institute Emphasizes Peer-based Recovery through National Peer Recovery Alliance

The ARCHway Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to educating individuals, families and communities about substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders and connecting people with the resources they need to reach long-term recovery, announced its newest initiative in support of the National Peer Recovery Alliance (NPRA).

Peer-based recovery, which leverages the lived experience of individuals who are already in recovery from substance use disorders, has been linked to increased engagement in treatment and recovery support services and better long-term outcomes. A more robust, sustainable peer movement is critical to getting individuals with substance use disorders the comprehensive, patient-centered care they need for lasting success.

NPRA seeks to build and sustain a more unified, empowered peer workforce to support individuals living with substance use disorders. NPRA first began in 2020, and now with the backing of ARCHway, is excited to expand its presence not only in ARCHway’s home state of Missouri but across the country. NPRA currently has members in 17 states and has already established state affiliates in Missouri, Ohio and West Virginia.

“Peer supporters offer a unique perspective because they have found recovery themselves and are tangible examples of hope,” said Stefanie Robinson, NPRA board member and director of the Ohio NPRA affiliate. “Using their lived experience, peer support specialists offer hope, support and encouragement to those impacted by addiction.”

“Elevating the voice and role of the peer worker is core to the mission of ARCHway. Joining forces with the National Peer Recovery Alliance allows us to not only elevate, but amplify, the role of peers in prevention, treatment and recovery support,” added Fred Rottnek, MD, ARCHway Institute board member.

“ARCHway’s support of NPRA is simply an extension of the work we are already doing,” said Emily Jung, ARCHway Institute CEO and a peer worker. “ARCHway was built on peer support. The founding family battled through the pains of substance use disorder; they experienced the joys of recovery, and they wanted to help other families on their journey to recovery as well. They have been doing this work for 10 years, helping more than 1,200 individuals and families across the country access the treatment and recovery resources they need. I couldn’t be more excited for this partnership.”

NPRA will focus on educating people on the important role peer workers play in the recovery system and advocating for changes to public policy that will help to grow our peer workforce, provide them with the support they need to be successful and ensure they are compensated fairly for the critical services they provide.

In addition, the group will educate and advocate around the need for recovery support services. This includes increasing access to recovery support services through a 10 percent set-aside in the substance abuse prevention and treatment (SAPT) block grant for dedicated funding, including individuals with lived experience when making decisions around the use of opioid settlement funds, and ensuring parity among all substance use disorders.

NPRA has its own board of directors, which includes Brenda Schell (MO), Deborah Garrett (MI), Dan McCawley (WV), Jimmy McGill (AR), Ken Brown (FL) and Stefanie Robinson (OH), bringing a diversity of personal and professional experiences in the field of addiction treatment and recovery.

ARCHway and NPRA look forward to working together to give a voice to the peer movement. If you are interested in getting involved in NPRA, visit For more information about ARCHway Institute, go to​