ARCHway Institute for Mental Health and Addictive Disorders, hereinafter ARCHway or ARCHway Institute, is a registered 501(c)3. We provide education to prevent the use of drugs and alcohol. We provide grants to state and/or federally certified treatment and recovery facilities, so they can provide service to individuals in need of therapy, but unable to afford it. Money is never given directly to an individual struggling with a substance use disorder, their family or friends. ARCHway Institute is registered with GuideStar and as a Platinum Transparency member. A copy of their information can be found on GuideStar’s website at

Below I address how ARCHway confirms to Google’s policies as described on your website:

Policy 1. Account hacking or hijacking – no person at ARCHway Institute uses another person’s account without permission.

Policy 2. Automatic calls or messages – ARCHway does not make, and does not have the ability to make, automatic calls or messages

Policy 3. Breaking product policies – On our website, we accept sponsorships and sell tickets to fundraising events. We also provide free educational events and seminars. We use the Google YouTube service to provide educational videos to promote cessation and provide stories of hope and inspiration that one can overcome addiction. Documents stored on Google Drive are for the express purpose of preventing addiction and providing aid to state and/or federally certified treatment and recovery facilities. Most of the documents are available only to employees and volunteers of ARCHway Institute.  Some documents are made available to the public for the purpose of donating, sponsoring, signing-up for, or supporting an educational or fundraising program of the ARCHway Institute. Any other service in use by the ARCHway Institute is used for the prevention, education or grant-giving programs.

ARCHway institute provides authentic, well-researched information on all its platforms and promotes a community of support and acceptance. Harassment and misinformation (including misleading information and offensive speech) are never accepted.  All personal information collected is kept safe and used solely for the purpose of providing support services.  ARCHway never sends unsolicited mail and everyone who receives correspondence from ARCHway has opted in.

Policy 4. Child sexual abuse & exploitation – ARCHway does not participate or condone in any way any activity that could harm a child.  ARCHway is dedicated to protecting children through education and, if necessary, finding state and/or federally certified treatment and/or recovery facilities if requested to do so by family or state officials.

Policy 5. Creating a false identity to deceive people and/or Impersonation & misrepresentation of identity -– ARCHway is a 501(c)3 and represents itself as such in all correspondence. ARCHway represents itself appropriately as an organization dedicated to providing prevention, education and treatment assistance in the form of grants.  A copy of the registration is available upon request.

Policy 6. Export or sanctions law violations – as previously stated, ARCHway Institute is dedicated to preventing illegal use of drugs and alcohol. ARCHway supports law enforcement through programs to promote prevention and education and to facilitate an addicted individual’s enrollment in state or federally certified treatment and recovery facilities. We have partnered with law enforcement agencies to provide connection to treatment services instead of jail sentences when it is appropriate to do so.

Policy 7. Harassment, bullying & threats – One of the primary goals of the ARCHway Institute is helping people understand that addiction is not a life choice, it is a mental health crisis. As such, the goal of ARCHway and the community should be to provide mental health treatment. We have a community of support specialists to assist those with substance use disorders and their families on their journey to overcoming the struggles and challenges posed by addiction. We never support any type of harassment, bullying or threats.

Policy 8. High call volumes. ARCHway does not use a Google calling service and does not make a large number of calls.

Policy 9. Sexually explicit content – there is no sexually explicit content in any of the services used by ARCHway Institute. ARCHway Institute does not use or condone the use of sexually explicit content.

Policy 10. Malware, phishing & other harmful activities and Spamming – ARCHway Institute collects information only through registration forms on our website. Information is encrypted with SSL and ARCHway uses Bloomerang to securely maintain user data. Newsletters are sent out to users who have requested such information and contains information about upcoming events and activities and reports on past activities or successes.

Policy 11. Terrorist content is not condoned or used in any ARCHway product or service. ARCHway is dedicated to helping people.