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ARCHway believes in recovery from the disease of addiction.

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Age 42 from Amelia Island, FL

March 2018 ARCHway Scholarship

I come from a long line of addicts and alcoholics on both sides of my family…

But it’s stopping with me – I am the chain breaker!

After losing custody of my 10, 9 and 2-year old daughters, high, drunk, broken and desperate, I went to the rooms of AA in Amelia Island, Florida. There I met a man, Mr. Bill, who had watched me try and fail many times in the rooms. Mr.Bill went to your ARCHway [FL Golf] tournament and  just happened to sit near Dana, the owner of the  New Life Sober Living house. He asked her, if he could get me to her location, would she let me in her sober house?

I spoke with Dana on the phone one time… and at my lowest point, high and drunk, Mr. Bill took me and my one Walmart plastic bag of clothes and drove me 6 hours south to detox. I arrived at The David Lawrence Center in Naples on March 22, 2018.

March 23, 2018 is my sober date

Dana picked me up from detox 10 days later and let me stay with her until I got into the TLC 28-day program in Ft. Myers. She again held a spot for me until I got out. There is absolutely NO WAY I would be alive or sober today had I not gone into this halfway house and had “SOBER TIME”.  Because of the possibility and likelihood of the scholarship money from ARCHway, Dana took a chance and I am so grateful she did!

My life today is nothing short of a miracle! In the last 4 years sober I married my best friend and the love of my life. My mother has forgiven me and we speak almost daily. I have the first healthy relationship I have ever experienced and am able to be an example for our daughters. They are now 15, 14, 6, and my stepdaughter is 15. I still do not have my rights back but I am involved and we are diligently working towards that.

ARCHway provided me with an opportunity to get “clean time” and without that I would have used and I know without a doubt I would not be alive. The pain of losing my daughters and not being allowed to see or speak with them was unbearable. Coupled with the exhaustion of starting over, the costs and time associated with court hearings presented, not to mention battling the tall tales allowed in court, there were many challenges beyond unjust and maddening at times. Without the “rules, guidelines, steps and expectations” and again most importantly the “SOBER TIME” the scholarship provided me, I would have never made it! My mind was too weak and my heart too broken.

I did not have support. Only from those I met through the program.  My parents did not speak with me then and to this day my father and I have yet to speak. I was humiliated in a small town and I literally lost EVERYTHING.

It is by your donations and scholarship that allowed me sober time. I listened, I went through the motions until I started to change, have hope, grit, belief and come to know a power greater than myself.

I know now this is just the beginning of what amazing works are yet to come.

Adrian Deiman

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