Brian A. Sieve is a native of St. Louis, Missouri. He recently spent more than a decade teaching and administering schools in Chicago – from teaching in the Cook County Jail; to pastoring 1250 students, and their alumni, Religious, families, and faculty at De La Salle Institute. Brian participates in Twelve Steps recovery, and personally testifies to the benefits of medical and psychological assistance with sobriety.

Brian Sieve, Director​Brian attended Saint Louis University majoring in education, and theology; with English, and speech /theatre /communications. Besides teaching high school for 20 years, Brian was director of campus pastoral ministry, transition specialist, dean of academics, management team, recruiter, community liaison, and animator of mission in several Chicago schools for a decade. He worked with East Lake management at Soldier Field, and was most recently an administrator at Ranken Technical College, in St. Louis. Brian is currently a presidential scholar at Chicago Theological Seminary, and a pastoral intern preparing to be ordained in the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches.