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Our goal is to raise $50,000!  Currently we are at $36,700

During ARCHway’s seven-year history we have been able to give out over $250,000 in Grants as Scholarships for individuals seeking professional help, but currently cannot get access due to financial barriers. Last year ARCHway released $50,000 in grants to over 50 facilities. Our typical grant is $500 to help someone get into a MAT Treatment Program or cover the first month’s rent at a Sober Living Facility as part of an Aftercare Program. Both of these are critical as the individual seeks to recover their life.
Currently ARCHway has 33 HOPE Fund Sponsorships and 16 of those are from the Greater St Louis Area. We are excited to announce that our partner Addiction is Real has created a second ARCHway HOPE Fund Sponsorship in honor and memory of Justin M. Greenberg.  You will soon be able to read his story of why the Greenberg Family and Addiction is Real is so passionate about supporting those with the disease of addiction and why they passionately support the ARCHway Team.

Thank You to  All Our Greater St Louis Area HOPE Fund Sponsorships

ARCHway wants to both acknowledge and thank our Greater St Louis Area HOPE Fund Sponsorships. Without your generous and on-going support ARCHway would not have the resources to help many we serve. You can learn more about their stories by going to our HOPE Fund Web Page.

If you would like to learn more about the ARCHway HOPE Fund or would be interested in becoming a HOPE Fund Sponsor, please contact Jan Stuckey at Jan.Stuckey@thearchwayinstitute.org.


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