December 17, 2020:  Brooklyn Church put on a spectacular performance December 16th to help ARCHway raise funds for ARCHway HOPE Fund. 33 individuals donated during the concert, generating $1,530 in total!

Brooklyn, we cannot thank you enough for sharing your voice, and ARCHway community, we appreciate you showing up! The need in the recovery community is greater now than ever, so we thank you for your support in helping people recover.

Donations made during the concert tomorrow will be split between the 3 HOPE Funds recognized.


Donations made during the concert are split between the 3 HOPE Funds recognized.

Brian Sieve, ARCHway Institute Hope Fund Sponsor

The Brian Sieve HOPE Fund

I am so honored and grateful for this Bronze Level Sponsorship with the ARCHway Institute.

When I entered recovery in 2009, I was in deep denial about my addiction, but I did know that my life was a living hell. I was so angry with God that every moment of every day was so excruciatingly painful and hopeless, and I resented even the most basic of life’s obligations. I eventually accepted that I needed to get clean and sober, and I sincerely wanted to change and “take suggestions.” I just couldn’t figure it out on my own. I struggled and suffered mightily for several years of yo-yo sobriety and binges before I surrendered in despair and entered rehab again. For more, click HERE.

The Courtney Collier HOPE Fund

As a long time supporter of ARCHway Institute, Courtney Collier started his HOPE Fund in order to give back and continue to support ARCHway’s mission of helping individuals and families affected by substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders. Today, Courtney is in long-term recovery. But like many facing the darkness of addiction, Courtney didn’t think he had a problem with drugs or alcohol. Using substances was more of a hobby to him. At that time, he felt they weren’t impacting his life, his job, his education, or his relationships. Drugs and alcohol were not in control. He was, and he could pick up and put down whenever he wanted. At least that’s what he thought. For more, click HERE.

Courtney Collier HOPE Fund Sponsorship
Justin M. Greenberg, ARCHway Institute Bronze Sponsor

The Justin M. Greenberg HOPE Fund

“Justin was an active and happy child. He was an “A” student and played every sport. He wasn’t the best in any sport, but he loved playing. He had so many friends and was always entertaining them. He loved to cook and usually spent his time in the kitchen during his parties.

He had a permanent smile on his face. He was my beautiful boy with so much potential, ambition, and a huge love of life… until he wasn’t.” Justin passed away on February 27, 2015, so this concert will remember and pay tribute to Justin and the hope his HOPE Fund has and will bring to many. To read more, click HERE.

For more information about the ARCHway HOPE Fund or to start a HOPE Fund in your name or a loved one’s name, which can then be recognized at one of our concerts, contact Jan Stuckey at


Shout out to our ARCHway “Funding Recovery” Concert Series Sponsors!

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