2019 Holiday Hope Campaign 
Reducing the Risk of Relapse During the Holidays

The Annual ARCHway Holiday Hope Campaign, December 11th – 18th

Our Goal is to Raise $20,000, including Matching $10,000

ARCHway Holiday Hope Campaign, Reducing Risk of Relapse During the Holidays

The ARCHway Institute announces our annual Holiday HOPE Campaign to promote education and awareness about Reducing the Risk of Relapse During the Holidays. Monies raised will support Scholarships. Our goal this year is to raise $10,000, which will be matched by Crickette Brown Glad ($5,000) and Jan & Dan Stuckey ($5,000) for a total of $20,000!

The Holidays are an especially difficult time for those in Recovery.

If you are a family dealing with a loved one with an addiction disease, we hope you can take the time to educate yourself about the stress of the

ARCHway Holiday Hope Campaign, Reducing Risk of Relapse During the HolidaysHolidays, so you can be more aware of what it means to someone in recovery. For individuals in recovery, we will be sharing material to help you manage that stress with the goal of preventing a relapse. Through newsletters and Facebook posts, we will be sharing some great educational material from Glenbeigh (treatment center, northwest OH), as well as several short videos that focus directly on the stress of the Holidays; the stories are told by individuals in long term recovery.

The ARCHway Board will grant an initial $5,000 in Scholarships during the month of December, as well as reserve funds for emergency help to individuals to get through this time.

You Can Help!

  1. Your donation to this Campaign will help fund these Scholarships and will go towards the cost of producing educational materials. Donate through the form on this page. You can choose to pay online or send your check to ARCHway Institute, c/o Holiday Campaign, PO Box 109, Rock Creek, Ohio 44084
  2. Help us reach others by simply sharing some of our Facebook posts during the Holidays. It might be just what one of your friends or family needs to help them during this time of year.
  3. Run a personal Facebook Fundraiser with donations going to ARCHway. Promote the drive using the information in this article

Thank you, in advance, for your support. We appreciate your generosity during this special time of year. We wish you a very Happy Holiday Season!

The ARCHway Institute Board
Jan Stuckey

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Holiday Hope Campaign
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