“I wanted to close out this years golf outing with a big thank you. I know I have sent the golfers a note including some pictures from the event. However, I wanted to get back to everyone including our Tee Box Sponsors and our Award Sponsors as well.    The event was a big success. The weather was perfect and the golf was fun. We hope everyone will be able to attend again next year.

In the end you all raised over $3,000. $2,000 will be sent to Glenbeigh in Rock Creek, Ohio. They will use the funds to help out someone in recovery who does not have the financial means to do this on their own. The other $1,000 will be used by ARCHway to continue our efforts to make people aware of the issues of addiction as well as educate them that under the right balance of medication and therapy that people can recover.

We know it is just a drop in the bucket for what is needed. On the other hand, we should all feel good that we may just have helped some folks turn their lives around. We also had a day of fun doing it.   Thanks again for all the support.”

-Dan Stuckey, Board of Directors

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