About ARCHway

The Mission of The ARCHway Institute for Mental Health and Addictive Disorders

  • Assisting those individuals and the community at large suffering with mental health and addictive disorders by providing financial assistance to such persons seeking treatment;
  • Furthering education with respect to addiction and mental health disorders through funding of individuals and organizations involved in the study and research of mental health and addictive disorders; and,
  • Sponsoring and/or holding programs, symposiums and lectures in order to educate those working in the field of mental health and addiction medicine, the families and friends of those suffering from addiction or other mental health issues, as well as those who are interested in learning more about addictions and mental health research and treatment.

The daily activities of the ARCHway Institute are conducted by John Stuckey, who serves as the Executive Director for ARCHway, and by Suneal Menzies, who serves as President for ARCHway, along with direct input by Jack Buck III, president of The Buck Syndicate LLC.  As described in the bylaws of our organization, the Board of Directors meet quarterly, or more frequently as necessary, to approve the disbursement of aid and make final decisions with respect to other operational matters, including but not limited to disbursement of funds to organizations and the funding of research, topics of and speakers at symposiums and lectures, and the expenditure of funds over $5000.00. Board Meetings will take place in St. Louis, Missouri.

The ARCHway Institute operates on an on-going basis throughout each year.  The activities of the ARCHway Institute are funded through fundraising campaigns, donations and grants. There is no geographical restriction with respect to the disbursement of funds, so long as such disbursement does not conflict with Missouri State Law or Federal Law of the United States – i.e. recipients of assistance for addictions and mental health treatment may seek rehabilitation services from any provider, and funds will be paid directly to such provider, regardless of location. Further, there is no geographical restriction on where funding for symposiums, lectures or other research activities may be disbursed, so long as such disbursement does not violate Missouri State Law or the Federal Laws of the United States.

The Mission of the ARCHway Institute is to educate the public with respect to mental health and addictive disorders, as well as assist those suffering. By offering assistance to those with a financial need who are seeking help with their mental health or addictive disorder, the ARCHway Institute helps not only those affected but also such person’s friends, family and the public at large.

The ARCHway Institute was founded on the belief that education on the causes of and treatments for mental health and addictive disorders is the best path to understanding how these issues can affect each one of us and ultimately reduce or eliminate the stigma associated with mental health and addictive disorders by holding symposiums, lectures and training programs, as well as by funding the research of causes of mental health and addictive disorders and new treatments for the same.


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