HOPE Fund Sponsorships

Your planned gift can be designated to support an existing ARCHway HOPE Fund or you can create your own ARCHway HOPE Fund to tell your story of why you support recovery.

As of 2020, ARCHway has 40+ HOPE Fund Sponsorships and has released over $300,000 in Grants as Scholarships from 2013 through 2020. Currently ARCHway is able to release over $50,000 in Grants as scholarships  with the hope of providing more resources in the future. ARCHway’s ability to release Grants as Scholarships is directly tied to the ARCHway HOPE Fund.

A sponsorship is a non-binding contract and can be paid over a 5-year period or through one of ARCHway’s longer term Legacy of HOPE program. ARCHway will help to reach your goal.

Some of the benefits include being recognized a few times a year when scholarships are granted as well as being recognized as an ARCHway Sponsor for events in the area.

You can make that happen.

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Scholarship Program

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ARCHway Legacy of HOPE logoStart creating your own Legacy by joining the ARCHway Legacy of HOPE Society.

ARCHway can help you make this happen with little to no immediate financial impact to you.

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