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Your planned gift supports  accelerating Educational & Awareness Activities including our Speaker Series. This is a critical area and focus for the ARCHway Team. 

By educating the community, we help lower the Stigma attached to this disease which in turn might improve the percent of people who will seek professional help. Currently 1 in 10 people over the age of 13 in the US are dealing with this disease but only 20% ever seek professional help.

The number one reason for not seeking help is because of concern for ramifications or perception of friends, family and employers.

The other focus is around educating families and individuals about this disease. This can be anything from different treatment options, co-existing mental health education, relapse prevention, etc.

ARCHway accomplishes this through social media, newsletters, educational video creation, Free To The Public Seminars, creation of books, speaking engagements and many other unique ways to educate and bring awareness about this disease.

You can help ARCHway continue this work.


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ARCHway Institute Punta Gorda fundraiser: Dr. Lisa Callahan, keynote speaker

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