What are Legacy Stories of HOPE?

ARCHway knows the importance of education on substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders. One way we educate the community while also celebrating that recovery is possible is by writing and sharing Stories of HOPE.

These stories include both individuals in recovery and caregivers who have been affected by a loved one’s addiction. They take the reader on an individual’s journey to recovery, sharing some of the darkness of addiction and the light that is recovery.

From these stories, the audience has a better understanding of addiction as a disease, the resources that have led many to long-term success in recovery, and the way many use their personal struggles with addiction to give back to the community.

In sharing Stories of HOPE, ARCHway brings HOPE that recovery is possible and encourages others to stand up and share their stories because their stories are powerful and they do bring light to the darkness of addiction.

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ARCHway Speaker Series

ARCHway Speakers ARCHway has over 10 speakers who volunteer to speak at service clubs, events, dinners, and educational events. Your donations help cover travel and expenses for these individuals to go out into the community and break down the Stigma of this disease through education and awareness of the disease ...
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Education & Awareness

Your planned gift supports  accelerating Educational & Awareness Activities including our Speaker Series. This is a critical area and focus for the ARCHway Team.  By educating the community, we help lower the Stigma attached to this disease which in turn might improve the percent of people who will seek professional ...
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HOPE Fund Sponsorships

HOPE Fund Sponsorships Your planned gift can be designated to support an existing ARCHway HOPE Fund or you can create your own ARCHway HOPE Fund to tell your story of why you support recovery. As of 2020, ARCHway has 40+ HOPE Fund Sponsorships and has released over $300,000 in Grants ...
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Advocates of HOPE

Advocates of HOPE Your planned gift supports ARCHway’s Advocates for HOPE program. These are ARCHway individuals thriving in recovery and caregivers affected by addiction who offer conversations to individuals and families who don’t know where to turn. We provide emotional support, information, and advocacy for individuals and families regarding options ...
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