ARCHway Legacy of HOPE Society

Thank You

ARCHway cannot thank you enough for considering ARCHway in your personal legacy planning and planned giving. ARCHway has a number of ways for you to start building your legacy by supporting a journey of recovery for those families and individuals afflicted with the disease of addiction.

The need is huge for individuals and communities to change to conversation about this disease as well as help support recovery for those afflicted with this disease.

By designating the ARCHway Institute through one or a number of our plans (non-binding commitment) you help our cause in two different ways.

  • First, by telling ARCHway of your plans for on-going support you allow us to spend more time working on projects that support recovery and less time on finding funding for those projects.
  • Second, if you decide not to be anonymous, your visible support will go a long way in changing the Stigma associated with this disease, might just be what it takes for one of your family members or friends to reach out for professional help by seeing your support; and give HOPE to those in recovery to see a growing community of support for themselves and others.

By designating ARCHway in your Planned Giving efforts, you will join an elite group of ARCHway Supporters in the ARCHway Legacy of HOPE Society.

The ARCHway Legacy of HOPE Society has 4 levels with each level named around an area of focus of ARCHway

  • Awareness – $100,000 +
  • Recovery – $50,000 to $99,999
  • Community – $25,000 to $49,999
  • Health – $5,000 to $24,999

Benefits & Recognition

Members of the ARCHway Legacy of HOPE Society will receive the following benefits and recognition:

  • Personalized welcome package
  • Subscription to the Legacy of HOPE Society Newsletter – (2 times/year)
  • Commemorative pin & entry into annual ARCHway Helicopter Golf Ball Drop
  • VIP access to ARCHway’s Educational Library of Vimeo VOD – a special CODE will be set up in your name
  • Invitations to ARCHway Legacy of HOPE Society pre-event social events nationally and in your region
  • For HOPE Fund Sponsors, you will receive a plaque in your name as well as be recognized at least once a year when giving out a Grant as Scholarship or Educational Grant
  • Over the years there will be special projects, like the Book of HOPE, where you will have an opportunity to sponsor and be recognized
  • Listing of your name on the official ARCHway Legacy of HOPE Society Honor Roll (optional)

Join the ARCHway Community and Experience the Rewarding Feeling  of Helping Others

Group attending a St. Louis Formal Dinner