The ARCHway Institute is pleased to announce that Kim DeVine from Lake Suzy, Florida has joined the our team.

ARCHway first connected with Kim when she was Vice Mayor of Punta Gorda, FL and worked with Drug Free Charlotte County’s Cheif Albert “Butch” Arenal and Director, Diane Ramseyer, to start the Drug Free Youth (DFY) program in Charlotte County, which ARCHway joined in 2014. Kim suggested the City of Punta Gorda add Drug Free Punta Gorda as one of its boards and committees. She has stayed connected with ARCHway and participated in a number of ARCHway events over the years including one of ARCHway’s Free-To-The-Public-Seminars by Annette Franks in Punta Gorda, FL.

Last year Kim reached out to ARCHway for information and help for her daughter in Denver, CO. Both John Stuckey and Lisa Callahan offered great resources for education as well as helping find a qualified program for her daughter near where she lives. We are so happy to let you know things have really turned for the better in their journey of recovery. In March, Kim shared her story at the March 8-9th ARCHway Institute Tennis and Golf Outing.

Kim has volunteered to:

  • Take the lead in organizing another ARCHway Free To The Public Seminar by Annette Franks in Southwest Florida
  • Research putting on a similar event in Denver, Colorado
  • Help drive sponsorships and donations for Southwest Florida Events

Kim Devine, ARCHway Committee Volunteer

Kim shares her story at the March 8-9th ARCHway Institute Tennis and Golf Outing

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