During the months of May & June each year, the ARCHway Institute runs its HOPE Fund Campaign. Our goal is to help educate our followers on how even a small donation can help knock down financial barriers for individuals seeking treatment from the disease of addiction.

Would you like to become a Hope Fund Sponsor or donate to an existing Hope Fund today?

ARCHway releases around $45,000 each year in Grants as Scholarships to help individuals get into a MAT Treatment program or to cover the 1st month’s rent at a structured Sober Living Facility. These are scholarships for individuals who want to be in recovery but have financial barriers that keep them from getting the professional help they need.

ARCHway is able to award these grants through the ARCHway HOPE Fund.

Currently we have 23 sponsors of the HOPE Fund. These sponsorships range from $5,000 to $25,000 and can be fulfilled over a 5-year period. If you would like to learn more, become a sponsor, or add to an existing sponsorship, please contact Matt Lieberman at 314-650-9692, Matt.Lieberman@thearchwayinstitute.org OR Jan Stuckey at Jan.Stuckey@thearchwayinstitute.org

Learn more about our Hope Funds here