Support for Organizations

Requirements for Organizational Funding

It is anticipated that the ARCHway Institute may provide funds to organizations that further the ARCHway Institute’s exempt purposes through sponsorship or grants that further research and/or education related to mental health and addictive disorders. Organizations requesting funding or grants from the ARCHway Institute will be required to submit a proposal to the ARCHway Institute. The proposal must:

  1. Describe the activities in which such organization is engaged;
  2. The amount of funding requested;
  3. The type of research or educational program provided with statistical findings of such research to date;
  4. The topic of the educational program;
  5. Statements of income and loss;
  6. Projected costs for the period during which funding may be provided;
  7. The mission of the organization and whether such organization is tax-exempt under federal law,
  8. Any other information which may be requested in order to ensure that the research or educational programs which may be funded furthers the exempt purposes of  the ARCHway Institute.

Application for Organizational Funding

If you are currently in looking for funding or sponsorship for your organization for activities related to mental health or addictive disorders, please fill out the form below and your request will be reviewed. ARCHway’s grants range in value and are based on individual situations and needs. We respond to all requests within 48 hours.

Request Organizational Funding

Application for Organizational Funding